Five Things: Holiday Decorations

The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick started Five Fandom Friday as a community building project, and we jumped on board. We just love things numbered in fives, so we’ve added their topics to our Five Things feature. Check out this week’s #Fandom5 under the cut.

Brie’s pick: Santa play tunnel

brie 50 px key aviAs the snapchat caption says, I bought this at PetSmart…well on Tuesday…and if it’s not the best holiday decoration you’ve ever seen then I don’t know what to tell you.

Elle’s pick: Wreath. (source)

elle 50 px key aviMy favorite holiday decoration would have to be a wreath. It is something that is so simple but still beautiful. Plus, I’ve never had to actually purchase a wreath which makes it even more special that all of them are handmade Christmas gifts. If you want me to really, really love it, throw in some of my team colors but uh, not all of them at one time. Orange is too strong for most wreaths but here in Vol country, it is a necessity. Happy holidays indeed!

Heidi’s Pick: Nutcrackers

heidi 50 px key avi It’s probably a remnant from my ballet days, but I love anything Nutcracker. I like that they all look a little different. I like that sometimes they even look a little creepy. I like that they aren’t overtly Christmas-y. I like that, in theory, they are functional. But mostly I like that when I look at them I can have a little moment where I daydream that I’m Clara and one of them comes to life and dances with me. After all, what’s Christmas without a little magic?


liz 50 px key aviSince I live in a flat we can’t do outdoor lights, and indoor lights are just inviting my cat to start my house on fire, so I have to get creative with my window decorations. I found these window decals at the Dollar Store a couple of weeks ago and they’re perfect.

Meg's Pick: Christmas tree
Meg’s Pick: Christmas tree

meg 50 x 50 key aviThis is the first year I’ve been brave enough to put up a tree because I was worried it would end up on the floor. Boy was I wrong! My cats have been SO GOOD. It’s a Christmas miracle. But the best part has been how much Seth loves it. He literally basks in the light. I think I’m going to have to get a palm tree and string it with lights because I can’t really bring myself to take it away from him.

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Keysmash OT5

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