Five Things: Cartoon/Comic Characters We Want to Get Their Own Movie/Show

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Every Friday we’ll pick a theme and then five things (hence the name! We’re so original!!!!!) that fit that theme. Feel free to make your own choices in the comments, or send them to us on Twitter. This week we’re talking about characters from our favorite cartoons and comic books that we wish had movies or shows that focus solely on them.

Liz’s pick: Lumberjanes (via)

This comic would make such a good television show. Problem is I can’t decide if it should be animated or live action. All I know is I want to play Rosie.

Liz’s pick: Gadget Hackwrench (via)

When I was younger I wanted Gadget to get a spinoff SO BADLY. I still do. She is such a lovely character, and would be a great role model for kids today.

Mel’s Pic: Get Fuzzy

This comic strip has brought me joy for years. I think it would make a FANTASTIC movie. Think about it. Bucky would get himself into all kinds of trouble while Satchel and Rob just sat back and shook their heads. SIGN ME UP!

Mel’s Pick: Darkwing Duck.

Of all my childhood shows I feel like this one would be SUCH a good movie. Who’s with me?

Mel’s Pick: Check! Please (Via)

 I don’t really need to explain why I would sell myself to get this, do I? I didn’t think so.

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