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One of the best place to discover new comics is at conventions, where you can interact with the creators themselves. Here are some of the female-created

Yes, Roya by C. Spike Trotman

I was recced this by a pal, and picked it up at C2E2. I then read it all in one sitting at the McDonald’s in the convention center basement, shielding it from prying eyes because so many penises. This comic is right! Up! My! Alley! And I think it will be up all of your alleys as well. It’s set in the sixties, and it’s all about aspiring comic artist Wylie and his relationship with his idol Joseph and Joseph’s partner Roya. Let’s just say, nothing is as Wylie thinks it is. It’s much, MUCH hotter.

Henchgirl, Kristen Gudsnuk

Henchgirl is now being published by Dark Horse, but it was first put out by Scout Comics. I picked it up on a whim because the creator was signing at a table, and the book looked fun. It totally is fun. It’s quirky but not cutesy. It’s actually pretty dark at times. But it’s also SO FUNNY. The little details in the background art are so clever. Henchgirl is Mary Posa, who works for a supervillain as a sort of way of rebelling against her heroic family. She gets herself into quite a few scrapes, and seems to be figuring out just how evil she’s willing to be.

Pet Noir, Pati Nagle

When I was researching exhibitors for a convention I came across Kymera Press. They are a woman-owned, woman-run comics company, and they put out some great titles. I picked up an issue of Pet Noir from their table, and LOVED it. A feline spy! Amazing.

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    These all look so GOOD! I can’t wait to check them all out!