CONfabulation: Multi-fandom convention from the Wincon team

Today’s post is brought to you by CONfabulation Team Leader Mary Moline.

If I want to be honest about things, my first fandom was Grease 2. Not only was I obsessed but I cosplayed and wrote fanfic before I even knew those were things. I was six years old and there was no convincing me that there was any better movie in the history of the world. Stephanie Zinone was the end all be all as far as I was concerned and the first thing I ever cosplayed at a fan convention was her “Girl For All Seasons” December outfit. There were battery powered Christmas lights, tinsel, and shatterproof red ornaments.

There’s nothing as amazing as having someone start singing a song from what you’re cosplaying across a crowded hotel lobby at you.

CONfabulation is a lot of things but it really is finding your hotel lobby singers. It’s having someone start talking about your favorite show, book, movie, fic trope, whatever and having your ears perk up and your heart beat faster from the mention of it. It’s knowing that just by being in the space that these people GET IT. They know what it is to love something so much that the feelings explode out of you like a toddler excited about chocolate cupcakes.

All of CONfabulation’s programming is fan suggested and run. There’s no famous guests or autograph lines to stand in because we believe that fans are the true celebrities of fandom. It’s basically a giant fan sleepover, with panels and workshops and a dance party thrown in. We also believe in the diversity of the people of fandom, work toward creating an inclusive environment to engage in fannish activities.

If you want to talk about anything from found families to fan films, from Harry Potter to Harry Styles join us in Pittsburgh for CONfabulation 2017 over US Memorial Day Weekend May 25 – May 28!

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