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Boo! It is almost time for Halloween and you know the first thing you think of when you think of Halloween; costumes! Well, maybe you think of candy corn but really, I’ve seen people dressed up as candy corn so let’s just run with it, okay? No blog is complete without a post of Celebrity Halloween Costumes. Here are some of my favorite celeb costumes from past years.

My flails are all over the place for some of the costumes and some of the others I’m just in awe of. Kim Kardashian looks like Princess Jasmine come to life and Ed Sheeran looks like Chuckie from my nightmares! Do not get me started on Tyler Hoechlin as Mark Sanchez. I need a moment or ten. *fans self*

What are some of your favorite costumes from above? What are some of your favorite costumes you’ve worn? What are you going to be this Halloween? Are you having to take a break because of Tyler Hoechlin? It’s okay, me too.

Elle Keysmash

Elle Keysmash

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    Thank you for reminding me that Zefron dressed up like Lt. Dangle.