#BuffySlays20: Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Can you believe it’s been twenty years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered? That means BtVS has been a part of our lives for two whole decades (though for those of us madly in love with the movie it’s been several years longer). It somehow feels like it has been that long – considering the number of times I’ve rewatched the series, for one – and just like yesterday. I have such vivid memories of watching the series as it aired. I can remember when it first premiered; I remember watching the first episode in the living room of my childhood home, thinking I was just like Willow even though I wore the same 90s red-brown lipstick color that Buffy did. I remember later, in college, when my best friend and roommate’s father would come over on Tuesday nights to make us dinner and watch Buffy with us. I remember the silly dance we made up to the theme song. I remember watching the finale and being heartbroken that it was over.

BtVS, which I always just refer to as Buffy, has given us so much since it first came on air. A badass female lead, one of the first I can remember who was feminine AND physically strong, who struggled to balance wanting a normal teenage girl life with the burden of saving the world. While I related much more strongly to Willow and Xander, the social outcasts who found themselves joining forces with Buffy, I still appreciated what the character of Buffy was doing for girls my age across the world.

If you can look past the bad floral shirtdresses and stompy boots of 90s fashion in the earlier seasons, Buffy still holds up today. Later seasons have aged particularly well, if you can look past some of the cultural insensitivity of the time period. (We’ve gotten so much smarter since then, haven’t we?)

Fans are encouraged to send online messages to the cast and crew of the show today, using the hashtag #BuffySlays20. There are also a bunch of product releases and other online events to celebrate. Turn on Pop TV at 12PM EST and watch the premiere. Grab some complimentary coloring pages from BoxLunch or the Buffy Facebook page and indulge in some art therapy!

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Personally, I’ll be saving up for some of the Hot Topic line coming out this summer (they’re going to have Willow’s “iconic 90s sweater”!!!!!), and some of the books coming in the fall from Insight Editions and Harper Designs. Grimoire, anyone?????

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How will you be celebrating this anniversary? Sharpening your stakes? Practicing your magic? Starting yet another full series rewatch? (That’s my plan!)

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