Broaden Your Horizons Recap

Well I did it folks. I watched 3 MCU movies. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.

I had seen bit and pieces of Guardians of the Galaxy before. It was good, but I really worked hard to keep my focus on it. The secondary Guardians were probably my favorite. Their interactions with each other were entertaining. Despite all that I don’t think it’s a movie I’ll be revisiting.

I live tweeted my watching of Captain America: Winter Soldier (#LWatchesMCU). Look I can see the appeal. Bucky is dark, mysterious and handsome. Steve is the golden boy from next door who has a bad boy streak. Sam is the best friend who just wants to you to love him. And I am here for it all. Also I am here for Natasha, Fury and their relationship. Send me all the fics, cause I will read them and enjoy them. HOWEVER, if I watched this movie again I would probably do so with the volume off and just watching the people.

I took my husband to see Civil War when it came out, but i’ll be honest I didn’t really follow along and just chilled out in my own head while in the theater. This time I watched it. There were some great comedic points and basically loved baby Spiderman. Again I’ll take any and all fics involving Bucky, Steve, Natasha, Sam, as well as Ant Man and Black Panther.

So in conclusion, I just need to know the bare minimum and then inhale all the fic. The movies aren’t my thing and I probably won’t be heading out to the theater to watch them, but please do share all the fic.

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