Book Review: Sapphire Cay Volume 2, RJ Scott & Meredith Russell

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Return to Sapphire Cay for Christmas. Lucas and Dylan invite their friends to share in their Christmas celebrations on the island along with Lucas’s sister, Tasha, and her husband. Christmas is a time for family, forgiveness, and to look to the future, and this year Dylan has to face up to all three.

Forgiveness is a hard thing to give and sometimes even harder to receive.


Model, Isaac Bailey wants to break into the world of fashion design. Under his father’s company name, he is set to debut his new collection—summer wear. He has the models, the clothes, what he needs is a location. Mitch Stone is a trouble shooter. His latest client needs an exotic location and he happens to know someone with the very thing—Sapphire Cay.

Having underestimated Isaac as nothing more than an airhead model, Mitch soon discovers there is much more to the young man than he first thought. As the fashion shoot gets underway, Mitch has to contend with his feelings for his old love, Dylan, and the very new and growing affections he has for Isaac.

What starts as just another job, turns out to be more fruitful and exhilarating than winning any multi-million dollar contract.


Feuding families, unearthed secrets, and a violent storm threatens the Cay. Will the idyllic island with her cast of characters make it through unscathed? It’s time for the circle to close on the story of Sapphire Cay, and on the men who have lived and found love on her beaches.

Connor and Shaun are directly related to Peter and Alfie, a couple whose clandestine lover affair was overshadowed by old prejudices and a world war. Shaun Jamieson is a writer, a romantic and needs to pen the story of the affair’s final secrets; Connor French’s family wants to stop Shaun.

When the two men step onto the sands of Sapphire Cay, they find more than just the secrets of an old love. They find hope and comfort in each other. But with the past hanging over them, can they ever have what Peter and Alfie could not? Or are they just as ill-fated as their ancestors?

I am officially obsessed with Sapphire Cay.

This collection includes a Christmas story, a romance involving Dylan’s ex Mitch, and a romance with two new characters. All three are great stories on their own – I found the surrounding plot of Mitch’s romance particularly interesting – but it was the two throughlines that I was really into.

So often in series like this, once a couple gets together they’re relegated to secondary characters in other characters’ romances. Which is fine, because I love the idea of the author creating this universe and then introducing us to all the people that populate it. But I also always want more of the couple than we get in the original book because I’m greedy.

Which is why I was so delighted to see that all three stories here had Dylan and Lucas POVs in them. We get to see the continuation of their love and lives on the Cay. I honestly could read just 100K of their day-to-day and be perfectly content. Especially if they’re surrounded by their makeshift family.

But the best overarching plot of the whole thing was that of Alfie and Peter. The characters themselves don’t show up at all, but their story is uncovered in the first installation of the volume and plays a huge part in the whole thing. It’s a poignant, compelling romance, and I loved seeing more of it revealed through everyone else.

Sapphire Cay is a world you can easily get immersed in, and with a setting so beautiful and such great characters, you’ll be loathe to leave it.

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