Bob’s Fart (Bob’s Burgers, 8.01, Brunchsquatch)

Season 8 of Bob’s Burgers kicked off with a bang. The entire episode was animated in the style of 60+ fanastist. The style changed for every scene. I LOVED IT!

The plot for this episode revolves around brunch and a game of hide and seek.  It’s as amazing as it sounds. The Belcher family is trying to look for a way to drum up business and setting on the idea of brunch. What could go wrong?

This is my fave style from the episode. via 


From Brunch Skunks to brunch brawls the episode is a delight.The changes totally add to the story and don’t make it hard to follow.  I had NO idea there were so many ways to draw bob’s nose. I felt like it got more inventive as time went on and IT WAS AMAZING.  While I loved that there were 62 different styles featured I kinda missed the regular one. I just don’t like change?


I think it’s kind of amazing for the show runners to reach out and embrace fans. Like when Teen Wolf did that fan fiction contest. Instead of mocking their audience they use it and help more feel welcome. I think that’s why I love the show so much. In a way it’s how the Belcher’s work. They embrace each others weird (for the most part) and praise it instead of mocking it.

What did you think of the episode?

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