Blind Spot (The Stonebridge Mysteries Book 03), Maggie Kavanagh

blind-spot-header-titleLiving together is bliss for Sam Flynn and Nathan Walker, but things never stay quiet for long in Stonebridge. On the night of Sam’s twenty-ninth birthday, the much-hated mayor of Stonebridge is found dead at his home. Sam suspects foul play, but just as he starts investigating the list of possible culprits, Nathan gets word of a new undercover assignment—one that includes a mysterious, sexy new partner. Though Sam struggles to trust Nathan and control his jealousy during Nathan’s absence, the stress makes a return to the bottle seem not only tempting, but inevitable—especially when Nathan starts avoiding his calls.

Yet Nathan’s fidelity isn’t the only thing on Sam’s mind. A visit from the mayor’s ex-assistant puts Sam in the line of fire, and he’s drawn into a complex web of duplicity spanning back to the night of his parents’ accident. Sam’s journey to uncover the truth about what really happened threatens to unravel long-held beliefs about his parents and puts his relationship with Nathan to the ultimate test.

Nooooo it’s over.

You know the feeling you get when a series you love ends on a good note? Bittersweet, amped up. All squirmy with glee but also heavily bummed out. That’s me after reading this.

I mentioned in my review of the first book in the series, Double Indemnity, that I like how Maggie doesn’t tie up all of her loose ends. Life goes on for these characters after the final word. While the completion of the series does wrap things up more neatly than the endings of the first two books – naturally – it still feels like there’s more in front of Sam and Nathan than just happily ever after, and that’s a good thing.


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Trust is a big issue in this book: personal and professional. Sam deals with this issue – or doesn’t deal, for part of the book – when Nathan goes undercover for a case, and as more details about the corruption in the city government are revealed. The bottle beckons, reminding us that Sam still has a lot of work to do on his own mental health. His writing work, however, is flourishing.

There are bits and pieces of all of these books that are rooted in the real world today, which makes the stories feel familiar. Disturbingly so, since the themes of racial profiling and corruption within the government and law enforcement are so prevalent. Still it fosters a connection to the mystery plot lines that should satisfy readers who don’t normally read that genre.

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As Sam and Nathan continue to explore BDSM together, we get some super hot scenes and some lovely, tender moments. Despite Sam’s struggles with his self-worth and feelings of inadequacy, it’s clear throughout that Nathan cares strongly for him. While my love for beautiful, flawed Sam knows no bounds, this book finally made me a goner for strong, sexy Nathan.

If you haven’t read the first two Stonebridge Mysteries books, do that now. Then read Blind Spot. Preferably when you have a good chunk of time to devote to a real page turner, and somewhere your blush will go unnoticed.

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