Bite Size Cosplay Tips: Skin Type

Hey friends! Mel here with another post offering some “bite size” tips for cosplaying. These tips come from mistakes and thing I wish I’d known before starting as well as things I learned from my few years of enjoying this hobby. Today we’re going to talk about knowing your skin type and how that applies to  cosplay. Let’s explore!

Ok, so I know this may seem silly but it can make a huge difference in how your cosplay makeup lasts. Your skin is  the foundation for anything that’s applied. We want to make sure that your skin is protected, and that anything you put on will stay/do what you want it too. For example, I have oily skin. You would think this would be something I’d have known before starting to cosplay but the truth is I didn’t much bother with makeup before cosplay. I went big for my first one and used a green body paint. I did a lot of prep and research on what to put on my face but I didn’t even think about how it would last on *me*. As you may have guessed It was basically melting off me by the end of the day. So pretty.

If you haven’t been much into makeup and want to use some for a cosplay, start with knowing your skin. Are you dry? Normal? Combination? Oily like me? Once you figure that out you have a starting point on figuring out how to make your cosplay makeup work for you! Like if you have dry skin, properly protecting/prepping it against harsh adhesives and glue used in special effects makeup. Or using primers to help keep the makeup last longer on your skin.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about this comment below and I’m happy to help!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

Mel is a fangirl through and through. She discovered her love of sewing and beauty through cosplay. She's here to help anyone who wants to start cosplaying and show them just how much fun it can be.To find her all you need to do is follow the trail of glitter and aqua hair dye.
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  • leckadams

    Mel I always love reading these. Although I will never likely cosplay I love to read your tips! Sometime could you post any pics you have along with the post? I’d love to see what you have done!

    • Mel keysmash

      I totally should! Sadly I don’t have many pictures bc I get distracted every time.