Bite Size Cosplay Tips: Primer

Hey friends! Mel here for another cosplay tip! This one’s kind of a biggy. A lot of times primer, whether for your face or paint job, get skipped for whatever reason. Trust me when I say try to avoid this whenever you can. Priming will get you the look you want while extending the longevity of the things you put on top. (Provided you use the right one.)

For your body paint/makeup make sure to match the primer that goes with your skin type. I have oily skin and it would make no sense for me to use a “dewy” primer. My makeup would be melting off my face in minutes. On the flip side it wouldn’t be good if someone with dry skin used a “mattifying” primer. I know it sounds simple but it’s not something I ever thought about during my first few years of cosplaying.

As far as craft painting goes, you’ll need to research on the best primer for your project. Google is so helpful with this bc I guarantee someone out there has shared the info you’ll need. It will also help your props last longer and get more uses out  of them which is always a plus. For example if you want to paint over foam, priming it with glue (wood glue is my favorite) will help give you a smooth texture as well as keep the paint from beading or balling up.  Or if you want to use a toy dart gun for a prop, priming it with matte spray paint will help you get the look you’re going for.

I know sometimes we just want to get to the good stuff and skip things that seem silly. Trust me and take the extra time and give yourself a great base to work from.

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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