Bite Size Cosplay: Handmaid’s Tale

Hey friends! Mel here to help give you an easy bite sized idea for a cosplay. Today we’re going to tackle the Handmaid from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Have you seen the trailer for the new Hulu series? I can’t wait to watch!! Come this way and let’s get started.

The Dress
The dress itself is very simple and doesn’t need to be fitted. (It could be the perfect beginner project for someone new to sewing.) It must be some shade of bright red. It needs to be long sleeved and have a simple high neckline for “modesty”. Think pilgrim, really. If you look for a red long sleeved maxi dress you should find options. If you’re looking to buy here, here and here can get you started. If you’re wanting to DIY here, here, here,  and here are all great for giving you the look you’re going for. Just remember to size up in the dress so it’s loose fitting.

As far as fabric goes for the DIY options, if it’s your first time I’d recommend a mid-weight breathable cotton of some sorts. This cosplay has the potential to get really warm for the wearer and this fabric should cut that down. Don’t be afraid to to go into the fabric store and touch the fabric. They won’t mind provided your hands are clean.

These are basically colonial bonnets. They are really easy to come by which is nice. You have two options that revolve the size of the brim. You can buy  the large here, small here or DIY either here.

These just need to be simple and red. I’m all about comfort so I’d make my dress long enough that you would see my shoes. That way I could wear whatever I wanted but if you want to be accurate red flats is the way to go.

And that’s really it! This should give you a good starting point. Feel free to add more. Make it your own and be sure to tweet/send us a picture of your cosplays if this was helpful for you!

Until next time keep rockin’ your cosplays.

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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