Bite Size Cosplay: Doc Holiday

Hey all! Mel here to bring you another Bite Size Cosplay. Today we’re tackling the beloved Doc Holliday. He’s fun while being kind and sweet. Who else got weepy at the season 2 finally? *Raises hand* Now let’s get started!!

At first this may seem like a simple boring option but FEAR NOT! Doc is known to rock some pretty awesome shirts. I mean just look!

Sign my up for the floral print. There’s something about a guy who wears pink floral with confidence that makes me want to be friends with them. DOC LET ME LOVE YOU! Anywho some great options for this are here, here, here and here. I’d recommend hitting up your local thrift shop first. You can totally DIY one too. Here and here are two patterns to get you started.

The vests for Doc tend to be more on the simple side which makes them easier to find. SCORE! Like always I recommend hitting up your local thrift shop first to see if you can find what you’re looking for. If you have no luck, you can buy one here, here here or here. For DIY options here, here, here, and here are good options. Bonus shirt and vest pattern here.

Doc does love his hat. For this I’d recommend getting it first so you can wear it around to break it in to really give it that lived in/loved look. Now it too me a while to find the actual style he wears but I know nothing about hat. Turns out it’s the “gambler style”.  Here and Here are good starting points.

Mustache, guns and ring
Once you have the things above you only need a few things to finish off your cosplay. First off we have Doc’s ‘stashe. You can grow one of you’re able, or buy one here, here, or here. You can also paint on one here or here. He guns aren’t a must but you can get FAKE ones. (PLEASE ONLY USE FAKE WEAPONS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SHINY) You can buy them here or here.  The cherry on top would be his glorious youth ring. You can thrift one here, here or here.

And that’s should do it! I hope this was helpful and at least pointed you in the right direction for your cosplay. Remember you don’t have to follow this exactly. Get creative and make it your own. Be sure to tweet/email us pictures if you do one of these!

If there are any cosplay’s you’re in need of help with. Let me know and see what I can do!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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