Bite Size Cosplay: Dipper Pines

Hey all! I’m back and ready to bring you some more Cosplays made into bite size breakdowns. This is for the new and old cosplayer. Today our lucky winner is Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls. Let’s get started!

Dipper’s hat is one of the main things that will let others know who you are. It’s pretty simple: A blue and white “trucker” style hat. You can find them almost anywhere but here and here is what you’re looking for.  Once you get one of these all you need to do is add a really simple pine tree. Some options for this are:

  • Cutting the image out of blue felt and gluing it to the hat
  • Painting it on with blue paint
  • drawing it on with a blue marker.

Super simple. I promise!

The shirt is a simple red-ish/orange-ish shirt. Heather red would be a great option to look for.  Here, here, here and here are all great options to get you started. Don’t worry about getting this exact. Once you put everything together with the hat and vest, people who know the show, will know who you are.

The vest looks like one of those puffy one in dark blue. Here, here and here, are what you’re looking for. (I want to quote Back to the Future every time I see one of these.)

Jean shorts. You can pick those up anywhere. If you don’t have any I’d tell you to start at a thrift store. Worst case you find a pair of jeans that work and turn them into cut offs.

All that’s left is a pair of high socks and you’re good to go! I hope this is helpful and be sure to tweet us if you use this or any bite size cosplays! Remember to have fun and be creative.

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

Mel is a fangirl through and through. She discovered her love of sewing and beauty through cosplay. She's here to help anyone who wants to start cosplaying and show them just how much fun it can be.To find her all you need to do is follow the trail of glitter and aqua hair dye.
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