Bite Size Cosplay: Cassian Andor

Hey friends! I’m back with another Bite Size Cosplay! Today we’re joining the resistance with Cassian Andor. Grab your space gear and let’s get ready to fight the Empire!


One of the beauties of this world is nothing is clean. For his jacket you’re  going to want to looking for one that’s dark brown in color. I would 100% recommend starting with your local second hand shops to see if you can find something similar. It’s supposed to be worn and weathered. You could even take a lighter jacket and dye it darker. Just be sure to give yourself extra time if you go this route in case they don’t have what you need right away. You can buy a jacket here, here, or here. DIY here or here.

As far as the stripe that runs down the sleeve and the two things on the front I’d DIY those. For the stripe I’d use this ribbon (or something like it) and glue pieces of craft foam to it then place it all on the sleeve. (You can either sew with a machine, sew by hand, or glue that sucker on there.) For the front I’d go with craft foam again to make this. They’re really simple shapes and don’t need to be perfect. Get the basic idea and just glue them on. It will look great. I promise.

The original shirt is kind of an odd cut so I would just go with a tan shirt. Again, my first stop for this would be a thrift shop. If you come up empty handed there try here, here, or here. You can DIY here or here  Remember it doesn’t have to be exact in order for it to be a cosplay. Bonus points if you dye it to make it look more worn. You’ll look amazing!

Simple cargo pants will do the trick. If the thrift store lets you down here, here, and here are good places to start. If you want to DIY Your own pants you have my respect. Here and here are two options.

Boots are the way to go. Black if you have them. Here and here will get you started.

And that’s it! This should give the the basics for your rebellion. Feel free to add more like the holster and blaster. Make it your own and be sure to tweet/send us a picture of your cosplays if this was helpful for you!

Until next time keep rockin’ your cosplays.

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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