Bite Size Cosplay: 11th Doctor

Hey friends! I’m back again to bring you another Bite Size Cosplay. Today we’re doing the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who played by the always lovable Matt Smith. Just a quick reminder that this is a starting point so to speak to give you the basics for a cosplay and from here the sky’s the limit! Let’s get started.


For the shirt you really only need a simple, light colored button down. He wears a few different ones throughout the course of the show so it’s really up to you on what which one to go with. I recommend going to a local thrift shop and trying to find something there. It tends to be cheaper; with a few options it increases your chance of finding something. If thrift stores aren’t an option there are local stores or of course the internet. (Amazon and Ebay) You can also make your own if that’s an option for you. There are plenty of patterns for this type of top. Here are a few to get you started: McCall Pattern Options here, here, and here. Simplicity ones here, here, and here.  (Be sure to check your local fabric store ads to see if they have patterns on sale. I don’t pay more than $2 for commercial patterns.)

Like with the shirt there are a few options for blazer/jacket too. You really only need a tan/brown sports coat/blazer. Again I’d recommend hitting up your local second hand shop to see what’s there. Remember when thrifting it may take you a few trips to find what you’re looking for. It’s good to give yourself a little wiggle room time wise if you’re going this route. Here are some patterns that may work if you want to make your own here, here,  here and here. If you want to online shop Amazon and Ebay are here to help.

Bow Tie:
Last for the top half we need to get the signature bow tie! Here and here are places to buy while here and here have great instruction on how to make your own.

For the bottoms we’re looking for a black/dark slim fitting pant. I think you know where I’m going to suggest you go first. That’s right, a thrift shop. Now I know buying pants could possibly be the bane of your existence but I have have few tutorials from one of my favorite sites that may help. So if you found a pair of pants that kind of fit here are some ways to make them fit you. Making the waist bigger, making pants smaller/slim fit, and hemming pants. These are also possible without a sewing machine, a simple backstitch  and some patience is all you need. Well that and a needle and thread. Then again Amazon and Ebay are there to help.

Shoes really only need to be dark and somewhat dressy. That’s up to your personal tastes. It all really depends on your overall look. Here are some ideas if you need them.

Last but not least there is the ever important sonic screwdriver. Eleven had one all his own! Here is a pretty intense DIY of one while here is a more beginner friendly version.  Or you can buy one here or here.

And  that should do it! Again this is just the basics to get you started. Add as you please from a Fez to a mop! Make it your own and be sure to tweet/send us a picture of your cosplays if this was helpful for you!

Until next time!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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  • leckadams

    Also you could add a Fez….cause Fez’s are cool

    • melooza1

      That they are!