Amazing Cosplays From SDCC 2017

Hey friends! I’m finally getting my act in gear and sharing a few of the AMAZING Cosplays that I saw at SDCC this year. All those shared here gave me the ok to share so LET’S GET STARTED

First up we have this beautiful classic Wonder Woman I spotted on preview night. I cannot overstate how AMAZING she looked.

Hello, AquaMan. Ok but really. This guy’s leggings were a smidgen sparkly and I WANT THEM! Also, I’m seeing a whole lotta Momoa here and my hat’s off to you sir.

Oooooooh it’s a jolly holiday with MaaaaAAAAaaaary. This is Burt from Mary Poppin’s, right? Either way This fellow was a delight to talk with.

Hipster Latina Ariel FTW!! Also this is a GREAT cosplay for beginners and more chill cosplayers alike.

This lovely lady is  “Melted Unicorn Ice cream” done by the talented Athena. You can see more of her work here.

LILO! Here’s another beautiful example of how cosplaying doesn’t need to be scary or hard. You too can be as lovely as Lilo here.

Fun Fact: This is Wasp *not* Bumble Bee, Like I called her. UGH  *facepalm* Her wings were stellar.

The picture doesn’t do justice to these two Overwatch  Cosplays. I should really play that game at some point.

I can’t seem to remember what this is from but if you think it’s as awesome as I do you can follow him here.  (Only for good cosplay would I brave the hellscape that is Facebook.)

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked…. I love when I see things like this. Fire Nation Toph and Aang knocked it out of the park.

I honestly don’t remember who this beauty was cosplaying as but that’s the glorious thing about cosplay. I don’t have to know who someone is to know that they look cool!

And last but not least we have one of the CUTEST cosplays. LOOK AT THIS SLEEPING POP BABY! I love it!

With that I end just a tiny taste of all the talented folks who where at SDCC. What are some of you favorite cosplays you’ve seen?


Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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