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why-keysmashKeysmash is more than a blog about fandom, it’s a community. Daily posts cover a range of topics from music, television, and movies, to dealing with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Regular features include the popular Celebrate Fandom, where readers can submit their stories of how fandom has changed their lives for the better, or silly things like Snog/Marry/BFF .

We believe that it is okay to get excited about the things you encounter in life, whether that be a book or a sport or a good meal. We believe that you can be a fan of anything whether you fall into that thing’s target demographic or not. While our readers are typically female, between the ages of 18 – 50, they love a wide variety of things that aren’t necessarily branded for them. And we love that about them.

Keysmash is dedicated to creating fun, positive, safe spaces for fans of all types and ages. We’d love sponsors who want to do the same.

For a .pdf of our one-page media kit click here. (Or right-click, save-as to download it.)

advertise-headerWe have three available ad spaces for reasonable monthly rates. Reach thousands of people in a very attractive demographic. Advertisers may design their own ads, but we will have final say over what is appropriate for our site. For inquiries about our terms and pricing, please contact us at

affiliate-headerAffiliating with Keysmash is easy – you link and we’ll link you! Links must be permanent and placed in a sidebar or equally visible area. Buttons will be provided upon request – please do not design your own button for us. If you have a button for us to display, note that we have final say over what is appropriate for our site. If you’re interested in affiliating with us please email for details.

sponsor-headerDo you have a site or store where you sell fanworks? Art, crafts, tee shirts, Etsy, RedBubble, or Society6: more and more fans are turning fandom into a lucrative career and we want to help! Sponsorships are much like advertising, except instead of paying us in your hard-earned cash, you can use the new currency (and no we don’t mean BitCoin): social media. If you want to learn more let us know, by emailing