Five Things: 5 Ways You Are Going to Take Chances in 2016

5 fandom fridayThe Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick started Five Fandom Friday as a community building project, and we jumped on board. We just love things numbered in fives, so we’ve added their topics to our Five Things feature. Check out this week’s #Fandom5 under the cut.

Brie’s pick: Move (source)

brie 50 px key aviHere’s the thing. I really like my apartment; it’s expensive because it’s the DC area, but I’ve got a lot of space, and some kick ass amenities, but I think the time has come for me to move. I tried to move last year in that I applied to a lot of jobs out of state, thinking it would be my ticket out of town. That didn’t pan out, so I’m still in the same apartment I’ve lived in for 5 years. If the job thing in a different area works out, cool, but in the meantime, I think I need a change of scenery to give me a fresh jumpstart even if it’s just a new neighborhood, before I turn 33.

Elle’s pick: Professional career. (source)

elle 50 px key aviThis one really made me think about what I may take chances on. I’m going to go with my professional career, whether that means I find a job in the same field I’ve been in or I go back to school to get a job in the field that my heart desires. It is such a leap of faith for me to even think about going to school but I’m starting to realize I may need to do that to get where I want to be. All I can say is that 2016 will be rather interesting and, hopefully, better than the previous year.

Heidi’s pick: Face rejection.

heidi 50 px key aviWhen I take chances, they tend to backfire on me (see literally every school/job choice I’ve ever made in my life). I’d love to take a risk in that regard, but life has taught me it won’t work out and I just don’t trust myself anymore. So, I guess in 2016 the big risk I’m going to take is to submit more of my work for publication and face that big ol’ wall of rejection.

Liz’s pick: Cook more things. (source)

liz 50 px key aviA few months ago I started logging what I eat in an effort to get healthier. I’ve done pretty well with cooking 95% of my meals myself, but I’ve found myself running out of recipes to try. I’m eating low calorie, and doing so on a budget, and trying not to repeat meals terribly often so I don’t get bored. I’m also trying to make slightly more complicated recipes so I’m not getting stuck in the meat/starch/veg rut of eating chicken breasts and broccoli every night. I think I need to branch out in regards to the type of things I’m willing to cook, or eat. Learn some new techniques, learn some new cuisines. And if I end up not loving a meal I make and have to eat leftovers from the night before, at least I will have tried!

Meg’s pick: Being happy in the moment. (source)

meg 50 x 50 key aviSo I took some pretty giant chances last year, including getting a new job (and quitting one that I really loved), buying a house, and moving to a new state. So in 2016 I plan on enjoying the fruits of my labor, which is honestly pretty difficult for me. Living in the moment? Not worrying about EVERYTHING? Omg. But I’m gonna try, because that’s why I made all of the changes in the first place.

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  • B.

    What a solid list! I think living in the moment can be SO hard these days with social media and always being connected.

    • Yep, that’s for sure. When you’re inundated with ALL THE THINGS it’s so hard not to get bogged down feeling like you’re missing out. I’m really gonna try and work on that this year too.

      Happy new year! <3

  • Great list. Being happy in the moment is such a huge thing. It’s so hard, especially when you see other people doing things you wish you could be doing, but it’s definitely worth it!

    • Oh man, FOMO is the WORST. I need to work on that too, especially once con season starts up.

      Good luck and happy new year!

  • Dangrdafne

    I want to cook more too but really cook different things than the same 10 items I cook all the time. Actually I would rather higher a chef, maybe I would eat less junk food then. Maybe.

    I like the living in the moment too. That is always a hard one but pays off the most.

    I might actually not get a choice on the job front but time will tell. Acquisitions are always scary.

    Happy New Year!

    • Ack! Yeah, that’s scary. But sometimes it takes something like that to initiate change, and it ends up being for the better.

      Happy New Year to you too! xo

    • Liz Keysmash

      I used to think I wanted a chef, but I actually really enjoy cooking now. I would, however, like to hire someone to prep food for me. Like if I could just have a dedicated onion chopping person …

  • Wow. I LOVE these. All things that I am working towards as well! Good luck! xx

    • Good luck to you too! <3

    • Liz Keysmash

      Thanks Megan!