ot5 keysmash headerOT5 KEYSMASH is where we come for our regular dose of flail. We’ve each chosen one thing that has made us asdf;lkj recently. Do these things make you smash your keys?

Brie's pick: Lupita Nyong'o winning People's Most Beautiful Person cover.

Brie’s pick: Lupita Nyong’o winning People’s Most Beautiful Person cover.

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Live While We’re Young

On Friday, April 25th, One Direction will embark on their third(!!!) tour, Where We Are, which will kick off in Bogata, Colombia. This is the first time the boys have gone to South America, and from there they will head to Ireland, the UK, Europe, and North America (and hopefully, Australia and Asia).

I am attending a date in Chicago with a lot of other lovely ladies from fandom, including two from this blog, Meg and Liz, and I hope to go to the show in my own city of DC too. I feel like the boys have been on break from the Take Me Home tour for about eleventy billion years, but with the tour just a couple days away, and my feels on overdrive, I thought it would be fun to take a look back on some of my favorite things from the last tour so we can get properly amped up for Friday.

Let’s go!

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HGTV Property Brothers


Have you ever had a weekend wasted entirely on watching just one show? Wait, who am I asking? Of course most Keysmashers have! Certain networks really love to give us marathons of their shows which I’m not complaining about AT ALL, but it has caused a rather large issue with me. What could that issue be? Well, I’m pretty sure I had Property Brothers on my TV for 8 hours straight which led to me finding all things Property Brothers on Tumblr.  If you have not seen Property Brothers, don’t have HGTV (I am so sorry), or just want to stare at some pretty men, come along with me.

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Celebrate Fandoms: All Fandoms Are Created Equal

celebrate fandom header keysmashCelebrate Fandom features stories from guest contributors about how fandom has changed their lives for the better. Whether it was because of another fanperson, or a specific fan experience, we want to share the ways that fandom can enrich our lives.

Today’s story was submitted by @NicoleHaase. If you have questions or comments for them feel free to leave them in the replies below, and we’ll forward them on. You can also check out Nicole’s contributions to Brew Crew Ball (mentioned in the post) here.

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Five Things: Movie Scenes Made By Music

Movies and music go hand-in-hand. Sometimes a soundtrack is just background noise, but sometimes a song makes a scene. Makes it more impactful, makes it more emotional, makes it better. These are some of the scenes we think were made by the music.

Brie’s pick: “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson.” From Center Stage.
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Hiatus Fun: Teen Wolf Trivia

I’m not sure if we can call this an actual hiatus. It’s more of a “catch your breath and regroup because we’ll be back in a hot minute to continue ruining your lives.” Remember when we used to have to wait a year between seasons? Oh man. The good old days, huh?

Look at these BABIES. s1 feels have been unleashed. Sorry not sorry. ;D

Look at these BABIES. s1 feels have been unleashed. Sorry not sorry. ;D


For season three we hosted a fic challenge that was SO much fun, but we decided that we wanted to do something a little different for the break before season four starts. Liz and I had a mind-hive moment and emailed each other about doing a trivia night at literally the same exact time, asked Heidi, Brie, and Elle what they thought, and then GAVEL BANG. Teen Wolf Trivia was born.

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Birchbox vs. Ipsy – April 2014

birchbox vs ipsy header keysmashI have two products I wear on my face every day – foundation and mascara. I’ve yet to find the right foundation (none of them are made for vampires) but I rarely stray from my go-to mascara. The point of telling you this is that lately I haven’t been wearing much else, makeup-wise. All the lovely samples I’ve been getting in the mail are collecting dust in my bathroom. I am making a spring resolution to try more of them.

The ones I don’t use, maybe I’ll swap. We’ll see. Either way, let’s check out what I got this month.

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All The Single Ladies

I’m not sure what’s in the water lately, but every time I go on Facebook, someone else is engaged, newly married, or pregnant. Just this week alone, I’ve had many talks with single friends on dating, and relationships . We all have different likes, dislikes, and preferences when it comes to the guys or girls we date, but there are some common themes that pop up from time to time. Therefore, here are my “30 thoughts you have, when you’re 30 and single”.

(This is from the viewpoint of a woman finding a man to date, but feel free to change the genders/pronouns to work for you!)

1. It’s so freeing being single!

2. Who needs a boyfriend anyway?

3. Huh. My perpetually single BFF just got a boyfriend.

4. And so did my other BFF. Shit.

5. No biggie, I don’t mind being the 3rd wheel.

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snog marry bff header keysmashLook at poor Harry. So tortured. That’s because we gave him a hard decision to make, and now we’re going to force a similar decision upon our readers. Out of each of the following trios, whom would you snog, whom would you marry, and who would end up as your BFF? We’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours. Well, actually we’ll tell you ours anyway.

Isn’t it good to know we care about the real issues here at Keysmash? Okay, go!

snog marry bff anthony bourdain alton brown ludo lefebvre

Trio one: Anthony Bourdain/Alton Brown/Ludo Lefebvre

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