If You Want To Set The Mood… (Sleepy Hollow 2×02, “The Kindred”)

sleepy hollow season two episode two keysmash recap header

The monster game was STRONG on Sleepy Hollow this week. I can’t really keep them all straight. We’ve got Headless Horseman With The Ugly Horse Who Is Also Abraham And Can Grow A Head When Trying To Woo His Woman, Ichabod and Katrina’s demon spawn Henry who is up to no good, Ben Franklinweenie, and the new sheriff. Okay, the new sheriff might not actually be a monster but she is really mean. (On the other hand, she’s coming into a hot mess of a situation, so.)

But for me, the real monster is the evil love triangle that’s starting to become apparent between Ichabod, Abbie, and Katrina. *narrows eyes* No one has time for that, Fox.

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You don’t bend you get broke. (Gotham 1.02, “Selina Kyle”)

keysmash television recap gotham season one episode two headerWe need to talk about bb!Batman. It’s no wonder he grows up to have a cave and a seriously problem with lasting relationships. The child is burning himself as a test. Clearly the “no psychiatrists” method isn’t working, let’s get the kid some help. We see young master Wayne holding his hand over a lit candle, sketching nightmares calmly with heavy metal blasting in his ears, and offering to buy the poor children of Gotham love. All the while rocking his preppy sweater. I want to pet him.






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Pfour Out of Pfive Pfeffermans Pfrefer Pfussy (Transparent)

transparent-season-one headerEvery free minute I had this weekend was spent watching Transparent, culminating in my staying up way too late last night and basically sobbing my eyeballs out over the last couple of episodes. I’ve been trying to write about it all day, but every time I opened WordPress to start, I couldn’t do it. I’m not sad that I binge watched this show – honestly, I don’t know that I would’ve been able to spread it out, it’s too good to wait for the next episode if you don’t have to – but it’s a lot to process all at once.

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Beards, Bucky Barnes, and a Blanket Fort

Hello, fellow keysmashers.

Heidi here. This is probably going to be my last post for awhile. You can still enjoy my delightful wit *snorts* on the OT5’s group posts, but I’m taking a break from writing individual posts. I entered fandom as a commenter on a blog, and I stuck around fandom as a reader and a writer and a reblogger. I am and will always be a fanperson, but I’m not really involved much in any fandoms right now so I just don’t find myself with a lot to say. I’ll still be on Twitter (probably) and Tumblr (definitely), so you’re not totally rid of me.

Anyway, it’s been a rough week for me. Very rough. Staring blankly into the abyss and wondering how I’m supposed to deal with being a human being and living a human life rough. So, for my last post, I’m building a blanket fort. Join me? Tyler Hoechlin and J.R. Bourne will be there.

Credit: IDK but found on  adelaide-kane.tumblr.com

Credit: IDK but found on adelaide-kane.tumblr.com

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Merlin Rewatch

merlin-rewatch-headerIn a land called Twitter and a time that is to be announced later, we’re going to host a Merlin rewatch. Obviously, we don’t think we’re going to watch the whole five series with you (though we’d love to), so we’ve put ten of our favorite episodes in this handy poll, and we’d love for you to pick your top three (there is a write-in option). The poll will be open until Saturday, October 4th, 11:59PM EST. Once the poll has closed we’ll pick a date for the rewatch and post the results, schedule, and the hashtag we’ll use on the night.

You know you’ve been feeling the nostalgia lately. Vote below, and join us for the rewatch.

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Reasonable Doubt (How To Get Away With Murder: S1E01 recap)

HTGAWM-101-HEADERReasonable Doubt: “is that state of the case which, after the entire comparison and consideration of all the evidence leaves the minds of the jurors in that condition that they cannot say they feel an abiding conviction to a moral certainty of the truth of the charge.”

That, is how you get away with murder. But the show is so much more than this simple answer.

(Spoilers ahead)

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